Just a Little Rain

That day, under the rain, I fell in love...

Book description:

Samantha Soriano can make a love song come alive when she sings it, but all her true feelings are trapped inside. Jared's one of the cutest guys in school and when he befriends her anyway -- despite her being such a nobody -- she falls hard, but was content with keeping it a secret. When she decides to finally tell him, he surprises her with a request: He wants to date Claudette, her friend from childhood, and now the most beautiful girl either of them have ever seen. Would she help him? Should she?

Just a Little Rain is one of the novels publish from #romanceclass. It is the author's first attempt on writing a romance novella. Through out the #romanceclass, she shared Samantha's journey on the uncertain yet exciting first love.

Want to know Samantha's story? Read the excerpt at my Wattpad page.

'Just A Little Rain' is available on e-book Format at:

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Cover design: Eunice Narido, Rene Trinidad


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