Just a Little Rain

That day, under the rain, I fell in love...

Book description:

Samantha Soriano can make a love song come alive when she sings it, but all her true feelings are trapped inside. Jared's one of the cutest guys in school and when he befriends her anyway -- despite her being such a nobody -- she falls hard, but was content with keeping it a secret. When she decides to finally tell him, he surprises her with a request: He wants to date Claudette, her friend from childhood, and now the most beautiful girl either of them have ever seen. Would she help him? Should she?

Just a Little Rain is one of the novels publish from Mina V. Esguerra 's #romanceclass. It is the author's first attempt on writing a romance novella. Through out the #romanceclass, she shared Samantha's journey on the uncertain yet exciting first love.

Want to know her story? Read the excerpt at Figment and Wattpad.

Get the completer story on the Amazon Kindle Store and Smashwords ebook store! (Emailjayensandiego@gmail.com to ask other ways to get them, if you don't have a paypal.)

Cover design: Eunice Narido, Rene Trinidad

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