5 reasons why you should watch Princess Hours… Again

One of the first Korean Drama that captured my heart is Princess Hours or Goong.

Once upon time, I just came home from work when I suddenly heard the Filipino version of Perhaps Love on TV. I immediately got out of my room still dress from my work clothes and saw familiar scenes from Princess Hours. I can’t believe the good news: Princess Hours has a rerun! (Insert fangirl scream and spazzing)

So, before I run out of oxygen, I would like to share five reasons why you should watch Princess Hours again:

(W/N: I used the character’s English name on this blog since I first watch it on our local channel. Gian = Crown Prince Lee Shin, Janelle = Shin Chae-kyeong, Troy = Prince Yul, Monique = Min Hyo-rin,)

1. The OST

Do I have to say more? Just listen to the song to know why this is one of the reason I fell in love with the drama. 

2. Alfred, the princely teddy bear

Well, I’m not talking about Jo Ji Hoon (yet), instead this spot is for the cute teddy bear he is holding. The main characters actually have a teddy bear counterpart. They arranged it like the highlighted scene in the episode. And so, the teddy bear thing made my list!
(I also like Janelle’s Prince Gian pillow.)

3. I want to be a princess syndrome

Janelle was not the typical princess-like girl but it only made me love her more.

Her quirkiness would make you laugh from time to time. 

Her impulsive decision would make you want to jump into that story so you can give her a much better advice.  And when she cries, you wouldn’t notice that you were also sobbing.

And of course, every time she has this moment with the crown prince you would wish you were a princess.

4. Team Gian

I’m sorry for all the #TeamTroy but the writer (me!) is on #TeamGian.

I know I know, Gian made Janelle cry a lot of times. He ignored her, chooses Monique over her, scold her, call her names, and break her heart. One can crown him as “Prince of Coldness” but one would not also argue if I say the crown prince is lonely and, in fact, needs someone like Janelle to warm his icy heart.

5.  Back hugs

Though there were a lot of back-hug-scenes in Korean dramas, I still love to watch this kind of moments in Princess Hours.

The main reason would be Janelle’s (cute/weird) fascination with Gian’s back: 

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