Learning from “The Master’s sun”

(What the KDrama, "Master's Sun" taught me.)


Whether we admit it or not, we all have flaws.

We all have these little quirks that pulled us back every time we tried to step forward. There will always be this one thing that we always try to hide. Afraid that if someone will knew about it, we will be immediately judged. We then became insecure or worse, we ended up hating ourselves more than anyone else.

Imperfect personality like everyone else, this is what make Tae Gong Shil (Gong Hyo Jin’s character in her just ended Korean Drama Series “The Master’s Sun”) relatable.

Well, I’m not referring to her ghost-seeing-ability.

I thought that ‘Tae Gong Shil’ would be a TSTL (too stupid to live), the kind character I hate the most. But as I watch the series, she proved my first impression wrong. She is not the typical I’m-so-perfect heroine in a drama series. She has flaws, confidence issues and she's insecure about herself. Because she is different from others, she is often misunderstood.

What she doesn’t notice is the way people around her was starting to like her true self. And what she can’t really believe is someone like Joo Jong Won, a rich, arrogant, gorgeous (and imperfect as well) would like a ghost-seeing girl like her.

As I guess it right, So Ji Sub’s character fell in love with Gong Shil. But don’t judge the story just yet. It is not the typical the prince save the day story.

It is not the leading man that made Gong Shil changed. And this is what I really like the most about the story.

I totally loved the ending. The main character left because she needed to find her missing memories in order to lose her ghost-seeing-ability, which she always thought her darkest flaw. 
But after she regained her memories she learned to accept herself.

She knew she is different. And she is not hiding anymore because of it.

She changed not because she was hurt and needed revenge. She changed because she needed to. She left his ‘prince’ not because she can’t see that he love her even if she is not perfect. She left because she knew that she can’t love another person if she can’t love herself first.

And that’s a realization this drama gave me.

Learn to accept who you are before others can accept the real ‘you’.

Let yourself grow. Be matured and confident enough to be a real woman.

Let go of those insecurities. Because how come someone would love you if you can’t accept the fact that you have imperfections. Even if this society set a very high standard that can’t easily be achieved. You have to learn to love yourself for who you really are and not for what this ‘perfect’ society dictates you to be.

One should not wait for someone to make her realize she is worth loving.

p.s.: Another thing that I love about this KDrama is its OST.

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