Things I would love to be part of my future

 On the start of my summer vacation my “mamy” share a book entitled “What matters most." It’s an inspirational book that is similar to a textbook, wherein there are parts in every chapter to help us enrich our spiritual life. One of the chapters that I encounter and touches my heart is called “Your Future”. In this time of my young life, sometimes I’m in doubt on where would I go or what would I’ll be in the future. There’s a lot questions inside my mind that needs an answer or at least a sign that everything will fall into place. However, He took a way to respond to me through the book (because I’m sometimes deaf to his voice). In this book, it said to write nine things I would love to be part of my future and on the tenth wrote “Whatever GOD wants for me”. At first I was like “oh I would try it just to be different from the list of the others” but then I realize what it meant. It is to trust HIM everything because He is our shepherd. He has unique plans for each of us and all we have to do is have faith.

 “I don’t think that we’re meant to understand the Lord’s plan all the time. I think that sometimes we just have to have faith.”
---A Walk To Remember, Nicholas Sparks
So, here it is… my own list that I would like to share. 

>> Things I would love to be part of my future <<
1.       Graduate from College with honor
2.       Be part of the competitive world of Media.
3.       Build my dream house
4.       Help my sister to finish her studies
5.       Don’t forget myself: make use good use of my time as a young woman.
6.       Make sure my parents would have a stable life.
7.       Watch my own written stories played on television or even in movies.
8.       Be a professor, even just for Four (4) semesters.
9.       This could be reserved when the time comes that I’m ready to have my own life with the right “one” as Joshua Harris wrote in his book, somewhere in this world God has the perfect person for me.
10.   Whatever GOD wants for me.

“I do not know what is next in my life, but God, I trust in Your love and Your promise, and believe in my heart that a bright future awaits for me.” 

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