Taking a Little Step

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”
--- Sydney J. Harris

When I first stepped into Sitio Payong, it was like I'm in a time warp or I’ve been shipped into some rural province like town; that I’m not in the middle of two big, develop cities anymore. Add the fact that they live with no electricity but all have changed when I finally met this children.

Happiness is in the air as the children of Sitio Payong sang our campaign jingle

The eduAksyon team posing outside the mini library

The edAksyon team symbolic hand-in-hand shows how their team effort works like magic through out the campaign
In these circumstances, I really thought that education would not be a priority because their school was too far from their homes. But I was totally wrong. They are so much into it! They value education as much as we do and much more than other kids who have an easy access to education.

I met the kids on the first day of our implementation day and I thought I was just doing this for the grade and to finally complete this subject. But when we started to laugh and learn together, things totally changed.

An eye opener experience. This describe how I felt when I looked back to that event. The youths were actually having fun and they cooperated with us. They also told us once that they were always looking forward for the next time they would meet us. I saw genuine happiness through their eyes. Children calling me “Ate Jayen” sounds very pleasant and awesome. I know I’ve been a part in one way or another in their life. Someday, when they reached their dreams, they would look back when one “Ate Jayen” taught them a thing about education, about life and about having fun despite of hindrances.

As Bob Ong said in his book, “ang tanong ay hindi kung bakit magulo ang mundo, kundi kung ano ang magagawa ko.”

 After this campaign project, achieving a good grade was not my goal anymore. Little did I know that I was looking forward to those little things we’ve been doing for those youths; helping them to take a much bigger step (or maybe even a leap).

Aside from the lessons I taught them, they really were the one who imparted an important thing in my mind and heart. That life’s obstacles and deficiency would not be a hindrance to reach and do what you want. ‘Cause Life is perfectly imperfect.

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